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Sea Shepherd Legal: Fighting Against IUU Fishing in Peru

Sea Shepherd Legal (SSL) protects marine wildlife and habitats through the training of government officials, particularly in countries like Peru where ocean ecosystem exploitation is rampant and responsive government capacity is inadequate. This grant will enable SSL to build on its significant success in similar training projects for comparable audiences (e.g. Palau, November 2016 and March 2017).

This project will enhance the capacity of Peru to address rampant illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing in its waters and prepare for the proposed establishment of marine protected areas. Peru lies in a region considered to be a hotspot for IUU fishing, as well as a marine biodiversity hotspot. Waters in the region are woefully underprotected and grossly overexploited. To help Peru address these concerns, this project will involve a comprehensive training workshop for Peru’s prosecutors, judges, administrative officers, and enforcement personnel, covering laws, policies, and practices from nations on the cutting-edge of the fight against IUU fishing.

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