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Founder, Ted Waitt Headshot

Ted Waitt is the founder and chairman of the Waitt Foundation.  At 22, he co-founded Gateway 2000, Inc., where he helped pioneer the direct marketing of personal computers.  Labeled a maverick by national business publications, he became a Fortune 500 CEO and member of the Forbes 400 by the time he was 30.  Since his retirement from Gateway, Inc. in 2004, he has gone on to form multiple enterprises: Avalon Capital Group, Inc., The Waitt Foundation, The Waitt Institute for Violence Prevention, and The Waitt Institute. Ted oversees all Waitt Foundation and Waitt Institute efforts and is actively engaged in each project from conception to completion.

Ted Waitt

Founder & Board Chairman

Dave Russell

Vice Chairman

Dave is the CEO and Founder of Puro Sound Labs, a consumer audio company that focuses on Healthy Hearing consumer audio products. Previously, Dave served as Executive Vice President of Avalon Capital Group, Inc., from 2005-2014.  He serves as a board member and vice chairman for the Waitt Foundation & Waitt Institute. Prior to Avalon Capital Group, Inc., Dave worked at Gateway, Inc. from 1988 until 2005 in a variety of positions, including director of procurement, senior vice president of procurement, senior vice president – supply chain, and general manager of digital television. He joined Gateway’s Board of Directors in February 2007, leaving when the company was sold. Dave serves as the Chairman for 1MORE USA, a global leader in affordable premium audio products. Additionally, Dave serves on the board of directors of Vizio, Inc., an industry-leading consumer electronics brand.

Vice Chairman, Dave Russell Headshot
Board Member, Shane Hartnett Headshot

Shane Hartnett

Board Member

Joining Avalon Capital Group Inc in 2007, Shane is currently the firm’s President responsible for investment and operational oversight.  Avalon Capital Group Inc is a wholly-owned private investment company owned by Ted Waitt, co-founder and former chairman of Gateway Inc.  Shane also serves on the Waitt Foundation Board of Directors. Prior to joining Avalon Capital Group, Shane was a vice president at Gateway, Inc., holding numerous positions in operations and supply chain management during his 20-year tenure. Notably, he developed, launched and operated Gateway’s manufacturing facilities across Asia and North America.

Hailey Waitt

Board Member

Hailey attended the University of Southern California, where she studied both history and forensic psychology, graduating with honors in 2012. She has prior non-profit operations experience as a part of the team at CONNECT, a San Diego based organization dedicated to promoting innovation in Southern California. Hailey is an active community volunteer, having devoted her time to philanthropic work with organizations such as Becky’s HouseVoices for ChildrenPromises 2 Kids, and Rebero Orphanage in Rwanda. She provides strategic advice and a fresh perspective to the board. Currently, Hailey is working on her first novel, a fusion of historical and fantasy fiction.

Board Member, Hailey Waitt Headshot

Max Waitt

Board Member

Max Waitt is building his career in real estate development and particularly on sustainable developments that use efficient technologies as well as renewable energy to reduce a given building’s impact on the environment. Throughout his life Max has had a passion for philanthropy in areas such as domestic violence, sustainability, and ocean conservation. He has worked with Promises2Kids to raise money for underprivileged and abused children in hopes that they can turn their lives around and become successful individuals. He is excited to be a new addition to the Waitt Foundation board and hopes to not only assist with various ocean strategies and initiatives but also turn focus to new areas such as renewable energy in developing countries. Max will soon graduate with a degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California.

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