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MarViva: Public Policy of the High Seas in the Costa Rica Dome

MarViva’s grant on building awareness towards establishment of public policy for the conservation of the High Seas in the Costa Rica Dome (CRD) goal to help protect the invaluable biodiversity and ecosystem services. Through multisectoral marine spatial planning involving Central American governments, scientific experts, and maritime industry, we will generate recommendations towards an international governance scheme and policy on fisheries and traffic regulations protecting threatened species. The primary action is awareness generation among decision makers and the general public. Waitt-MarViva project will enable production of graphic content to wake relevant stakeholders’ interest in Costa Rica and Panama. Significant outreach will be leveraged through media and in-kind contributions of billboards and communications spots.

The Costa Rica Dome sustains habitats and ecosystems of invaluable marine species. Critically endangered and threatened species, including blue whales, sea turtles (e.g.: leatherbacks, hawksbills, greens), sharks (e.g.: hammerheads, silky), and billfish (e.g.: marlins, sail fish), among others, utilize the high seas areas for feeding, breeding, and/or migration. Other species of commercial interest are also present in this site, like mahi-mahi, giant squid, and the largest yellow fin tuna fishery in the Eastern Pacific.

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