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Marine Megafauna Foundation: Genomic tools for Yellowfin Tuna

The yellowfin tuna, Thunnus albacares, is among the most traded tuna species. This species is close to being cataloged as a threatened species according to IUCN (2011). Understanding the status of the population of yellowfin tuna in a part of Pacific ocean whose economy depends in large part on fisheries is very useful in order to preserve this ecosystem service. This study contributes to generate information on the current state of the population or populations of yellowfin tuna in the eastern Pacific using new genomic technologies like SNPs, useful for detecting population structure and obtaining real data for management strategies.

The main objective is to compare our results obtained from microsatellite analyses (using 18 loci specific for yellowfin tuna published by Antoni et al. (2014) with a new, more accurate genomic tool like SNPs in order to publish data more detailed and closer to reality, that will be vital for future management plans which are urgently given the steady decrease in the catches of tuna and other pelagic species which has been obvious at the sampling fishing ports.

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