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CCRD: Improve the Fisheries Protected Areas in Vietnam

This project provides participatory training on improvement and adaptation of 23 community fisheries protected areas (FPAs) newly established in Tam Giang lagoon as parts of fisheries co-management. It involves Fisheries Associations (FAs) who manage FPAs and relevant stakeholders in a learning and action process toward improved management and operation of current FPAs in face of increasing challenges. The learning and actions will entail better awareness of FPA values and challenges and result in strengthened community capacity to plan and take actions toward improved performance and adaptation of the FPAs to support scale up of fisheries protection and conservation in region.

The project goal is to improve effectiveness and adaptive capacity of 23 community FPAs through training of the FPA operators on participatory learning and action processes.

Project objectives:

To increase awareness and participation of communities and relevant stakeholders in operation of the community FPAs for better protection and conservation of fisheries resources

To build adaptive capacity of the FPA operators (FAs) and relevant stakeholders through facilitation of learning, community arrangements and resource promotion in response to fishery transition and changing environment

To improve role and right allocation among relevant stakeholders for better management of FPAs and benefit sharing between conservation and livelihood activities

Expected outcomes:

The FAs who own and operate FPAs become able to assess FPA status and facilitate community actions for improved FPAs including fishery protection and conservation: Indicated by number of FPAs that are continuously active with community re-arrangements and actions for improved FPA operation and adaptation

Improved FPA protection as least of 10 FPAs: indicated by a reduction by 75% number of case fishers who (illegally) access and fish in FPAs

Improved FPA conservation as least of 5 FPAs: indicated by number FPAs implementing a particular action for conservation (e.g. release local fish)

Three FPAs having improved protection and conservation are identified and selected to serve as the appropriate learning sites and reference for FPA development and scale up

As a result from project, the improved FPA protection and conservation maintain the nursery grounds and supply of fish seeds to the lagoon and the connected ocean (East Sea). Additionally, the flexible and responsible community arrangements and actions help deal particularly with the sea level rise and un-predicted fluctuation of environment, resources and biodiversity from climate change.

​Project activity is to provide a participatory training on “improvement and adaptation of FPAs” which include a 3-day section in door and 3 days for active learning and practice in the field.

Training topics include:
- Overview on the community FPA development, impact and challenges
- Participatory learning and action process toward improvement and adaptation of FPAs
- Community arrangements and actions for fishery protection and conservation
- Resource promotion for improved FPAs
- Adaptive management of FPAs in changing environment
- Incentives and benefit sharing in FPA activities

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