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Los Cabos Coastkeeper: Flora and Fauna Protection Area

The region around Cabo San Lucas’ Flora and Fauna Protection Area, one of Mexico’s most iconic national protected areas, has experienced an astounding boom in real estate development, tourism, and population since the 1990’s. First established in 1974, the Protection Area still lacks a management plan. As a result, local fisheries, real estate developers, tourism service providers and other key industries operate without guidelines to guarantee the area’s long-term sustainability. Los Cabos Coastkeeper (LCCK) seeks to complete critical steps to set the stage for the drafting of a management plan.

Beset by habitat destruction, over-fishing and pollution, the coastal waters in/around the Protected Area are losing the ability to provide the ocean conservation benefits that local communities have come to rely on: food, livelihoods, recreation, and climate regulation – all benefits that our project seeks to ensure. We seek to set the stage for a management plan, a key piece of the puzzle, that will put the Protected Area on its way to switch from a paper park into a fully-functional Protected Area.

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